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1993 Olds V6 question

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1993 Olds V6 question

66Dave 66Dave
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 10/12
Posted: 10/20/12
09:06 AM

Hi folks – new guy here.
I’m trying to help a friend whose car has an intermittent ‘run’ problem.

The car is a 1993 Olds Cutlass Ciera that has a 3.3 V6 with an automatic trans and about 100k miles. The owner tells me that it has both a temperature gauge and an ‘idiot light’ that looks like a thermometer. The car has been serviced regularly and is generally well-kept.

First of all, I don’t have access to the car at the moment, but the symptoms are unique enough that I’m hoping someone will recognize the problem. I can drive the car if more information is required

Most of the time, the car starts easily and runs fine.
At times, however, the little ‘thermometer’ light will come on and the car will start to run really rough and sometimes dies.
The temperature GAUGE does not show that the engine is overheating (it stays about in the middle). If you check the radiator, it isn’t hot and the coolant level is OK. If the car is allowed to sit with the engine turned off, the problem ‘goes away’ and the car will run fine, usually for several days.
Thinking that the problem was the ‘temperature control sensor’ (I hope I got that right…), the mechanic who normally cares for the car replaced the sensor and related relay. The problem continued to occur.
The owner is ready to sell the car, but wants to FIX this problem before putting it up for sale so that she can sell it with a clear conscience.

Your experiences and input are appreciated!  

pepsi1 pepsi1
User | Posts: 111 | Joined: 09/11
Posted: 10/20/12
03:41 PM

Well you have an OBD-1 I would put a scanner on it and see what comes up. Until you get a code or some type problem thats deffinent you'll be chasing your tail.Sounds like one strange problem....I would go for a dirty connection or a problem that showed up 20 years later you may never find... Confused  

Make sure the battery connections are all good. You have to start somewhere.
Let us know...Good luck.

I would go to Super Chevy or Chevy High Performance theres more traffic on that forum and maybe some has seen this problem....


pepsi1 pepsi1
User | Posts: 111 | Joined: 09/11
Posted: 10/27/12
09:13 PM

Here is what I would do. Access the ECM. and as someone is driving the car. Lightly tap on the ECM itself. If it does'nt do it right away drive the car for awahile. Then tap on the ECM again. Do this every so often. I really think the ECM is going. That year if you do get it to act up. Buy a replacement from Napa Advanced or Auto Palace, don't go to the junk yard. If this is the problem, make sure you have all the info they need when you go to buy one....Good Luck...