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5.3 H.O. crate 332 hp 352 tq tuning

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5.3 H.O. crate 332 hp 352 tq tuning

james2415 james2415
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 11/12
Posted: 11/05/12
09:31 PM

I have an 05 Sierra crew 4wd 5.3 gm performance crate engine cam lift .467 intake .479 exaust / cam duration @ .050:I196/E201 valve I1.89/E1.55 9.5:1 copression 1.7:1 rockers injen C.A.I./ JBA short tube headers / JET MASS AIR / cat back exhaust / Taylor 12.5 mm wires /Diablo sport tuner 93 octane tune with some adjusted parameters . This thing is an animal but with my current fuel trim and timing it is not awake yet . I can`t find any one in my area that isn`t just some parts changing D bag for some clean factual feed back . I need to know where my long term and shot term fuel bank should be ,what degree spark is acceptable with out damage . What I do know when I retard the timing 6% and -2% on the lean side 2-4 K and advance 6% and +3% on the rich side 4-7 K this thing wakes right up . I bumped the idle 50 rpm A/C off and 100 rpm A/C on . I also have the torque management and tm abuse modes off . Bumped shift firmness 24% all gears and 10% quicker shift time shifting WOT at 5800 rpm . I`m looking for is when and where I should reed these numbers . On idle I have 22-25 degrees of spark at 637 rpm running  +12-15 long term +.78-4 short term on fuel banks . These are constantly fluctuating how do you dial it in ? please help wake this monster !!!!!!!  

pepsi1 pepsi1
User | Posts: 111 | Joined: 09/11
Posted: 11/07/12
04:30 PM

Does your truck run Okay? Is the service engine light on? If not you have OBD-2 electronic controls.If not then OBD-2 is controlling it....
When you see a screen that has parameters moving so fast you can't count them. Thats what you ECM is seeing and putting out to your scanner. It's been along time since I've worked with OBD-2. I don't remember how many bites of information it takes every ~sec. If the service light isn't on leave it alone.

If you are using someone elses controller give them a call....


james2415 james2415
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 11/12
Posted: 11/16/12
09:28 AM

Thanks for the the reply service light is on it is throwing lean codes on banks 1 and 2 and catalyst below efficiency bank 1 . I think the catalyst problem is just o2 related i changed the driver side on old engine and never did passenger side . I did not want this new engine leaning out i bumped WOT 2-4k and 4-7k fuel to + 15% almost quit throwing code . It was at about 3k acceleration pinging now its just some times around 5k . Spark has not been altered . This is with a diablo preditor tunner on 93 octane tune .