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New guy question STI KILLER

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New guy question STI KILLER

bouttime bouttime
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 01/13
Posted: 01/14/13
11:13 AM


I am have been reading over the sti killer project car for the past few months, and have come to the conclusing that the weld RT-S wheels are the perfect wheels for my 2000 trans am.  I will also be upgrading my rear in the process.  Moser 9inch spool shortened 2.5 inches on each side.  I have been trying to do my research, but I am unsure as to the exact specs on the front and rear rims of the STI KILLER Camaro.  I know they are 18x10 front and 18x11 rear, but what is the backspacing, and will I be able to get away with med pad height.  I am looking to copy the exact look of the rear rim, but my rear will be shortened 2.5 each side and the STI killer is 2.25.  So will I need a little more wheel to make up for that so maybe a 11.5 inch rim or 12?  I also would like a little more lip in the front wheel than the STI KILLER.  I beleive the sti killer has a back spacing of 7 something.  So the way I understand it the less back spacing the more lip?  Look forward to hearing back from you guys, and will be reaching out to WELD as well for advise thanks sean  

Justin_at_GMHTP Justin_at_GMHTP
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Posted: 01/16/13
08:38 AM

Hey Sean,

We agree, the Weld RT-S is a killer F-body wheel! The current wheel specs for the STI Killer are as follows:

18x10 Front - 7.1" Backspace, HIGH PAD
18x11 Rear - 5.7" Backspace with the rear narrowed 2.25" from stock, MEDIUM PAD

If you are going to narrow your 9-inch 2.5-inches per side, you will want to run an 18x11 with 5.35-inches of backspacing. Unfortunately, Weld only offers the MEDIUM PAD RT-S in 1-inch BS increments, which would mean you either need to order a 5.7 or 4.7 BS... That's why we run our rear at 2.25-inches per side, since the 5.7BS makes for a perfect fit on the F-body. If you could get away with a LOW PAD (which may be possible with stock rear brakes although I haven't tested it) you could order it with a 5.2BS which would be very close.

You won't need a wider wheel for the shorter axle, you're just going to make up the difference in backspacing. Stick with an 11-inch rear and 1-inch front.

Regarding the front wheel, you can't get any additional lip without running a wider fender. The front wheel that we run is about is wild as you can get on the stock body. You are correct on BS... the less you run the larger the lip (for the same width wheel).

Lastly, we're not wheel builders, so please DOUBLE CHECK ALL OF THIS INFORMATION with Weld before ordering anything. Good luck and send pictures when you get everything done!!!  

bouttime bouttime
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 01/13
Posted: 02/22/13
04:41 PM


First, thanks for getting back to me.  I have been going crazy looking at setup's from weld to fikse. But none the less, back to the weld and the sti killer.  I spoke with weld and looks like the best they can do for the front wheel is a 18x9.5 with a medium pad height and a 2 1/4 lip.  Could you compare that 2 1/4 measurement to that of the sti killer.  I believe, and I may be wrong but the lip on the sti killer front wheel is 1 3/4?  They say the 2 1/4 lip may push the wheel out a little and if so I might need to roll my fender.  What are your thoughts on that, also if I do end up going with this setup how much will the medium pad height effect me when looking to upgrade breaks.  The car is going to be a daily driver and drag car.  Are upgrades available for brakes that will fit medium pad height?  As for the rear, it would be ideal to order the rear narrowed 2.25 to duplicate the rear wheel and the dish.  But if I am stuck with the 2.5 inch narrowed rear and order the wheels with 5.7 back spacing will the rear wheel be tucked under the car more .25 inches on each side.  Look forward to hearing back from you thanks for your time